Benefits of Black Garlic

black garlic

Benefits of black garlic:

black garlic

1. Garlic is very good for health. However, black garlic  is still good.
2. However, garlic is not a common garlic . It goes on like a sweetened jelly. Usually garlic has a strong odor. But this is not the case in this black garlic.
3. The smell can also decrease drastically but the nutrients are not reduced. Doing so increases the taste of the food also.
4. This method has high antioxidants in it.
black garlic
5. It is rich in proteins, fiber, iron, calcium and vitamin C.
6. mostly consumed in Japan, Thailand, South Korea. However, it not only improves liver function but also reduces fat in the stomach.
7. Frequent intake of  Black garlic can improve blood circulation and improve heart function.

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