Best and useful Gifts for kids 

Best and useful Gifts for kids :


Children feels happy when  we buy a gift to them. if it’s your friend’s son or your nephew or neighbor’s kid birthday then you must think of gifting him or her. May be your mind may be blank about what to give but giving a wonderful gift make them happy. Also giving a useful gift is also important. so you must think what is important and what is not important. Here are the few ideas to gift kids. so look at them and choose the best.

My first library book pre School Board books:

This is something really interesting this series of 10 Board books can go a long way in teaching concepts to Tiny Tots. When you give this to a kid He/ she must be really happy because each Book has one concept on one page this helps them to make learning easy.  Later concept is complemented by a picture which makes learning permanent.


Grand Ma’s bag of stories :

we all know that children love to hear the stories. This book is written by Sudha Murthy. Memories of a grandparents feelings around animals and mysterious characters and many. The story starts with Anand, Krishna, Raghu and Meena arriving at the grandparents house in shiggaon.  when mother or sister or some other tells stories from this book then children will be really happy so when you are trying to give a wonderful gift then you must give this book to the kid.

101 Panchatantra stories :


Panchatantra will be interesting. It is really a great all time favorite stories written for children. These stories teaches lessons about wisdom, courage, bravery and many. so when you are trying to give a gift to a kid then you must gift this 101 Panchatantra stories.

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