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bala krishna

                              Balayya Babu’s shocking transformation. NBK is known for playing versatile characters, just like his father, the late NTR, who had left his mark in Telugu cinema.

His daredevil stunts need no mention; In the beginning of the film, he saves a girl who jumps to commit suicide and he appears from nowhere and holds her while she hangs precariously.

Ruler is an out and out mass movie, it has an interesting first half. Balakrishna, as a seriously injured Dharma is saved by a rich woman Sarojini Naidu (Jayasudha). In the next scene, they both are in the ICU. Someone has planned her death too in the ICU; Dharma pulls out his ventilator and puts it over her as she gasps for breath. Jump to the next scene, she has adopted him without his knowledge (he suffers memory loss) and in gratitude she makes him the CEO of her companies and gets him a new name Arjun Prasad. Balakrishna turned into a young corporate CEO for the role and his trendy look with quirky beard is already creating waves amongst fans. In fact, NBK even said that his fans have begun calling him Nandamuri Tony Stark. Apart from that, the actor also plays the role of a powerful cop and it remains to be seen how he pulled off both the roles.

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