Do you want to know the secretes behind your sleep?


Sleep and stress are inter related. Sleep and stress have a very strong connection with each other. The best way to relieve stress and any other mental disturbance is sleep. To avoid these disturbances sleep is the best solution to this problem.

Sleep is not only responsible for relieving mental stress and depression but has other benefits as well.
Sleep is also essential for the normal physiological growth in early infancy and it is vital for the development of normal alertness, attention and knowledge
It also relaxes our voluntary muscles and thereby, relieves us from physical stress
Sleep disturbance may also aggravate diseases in our body. Sleep is also a state of recovery and healing.
Sleep psychiatry also insists on meditation and ensures that people have a normal pattern of sleep, in order to maintain the mental health of the person.

So, sleep sometimes helps to fight with diseases and also stress as well.

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