Easy ways to beat hair fall simply with home foods

hair loose

hair loose

Who doesn’t need a good hair? Every one wants a healthy hair. But, why hair fall takes place? Really it’s tough to maintain hair. It takes place for both men and women. Does diet matters? Yes or no? I clearly says yes. Do you want me to explain more detail. Then for sure you should read this.


Ayurveda to beat hair fall:

Food matters. Diet should be proper. Hair growth can be stimulated by drinking fresh juice of pomegranate, carrot, spinach and kokam. Did you say no? Then try at your home for one’s.

Sesame seeds also helps to promote hair growth as they are rich in magnesium and calcium.

Cow’s Ghee is a trusted remedy to resolve all scalp problems. Cow ghee is also one of the best solution to hair loose.

As we already know Green vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber. So by taking these also help in preventing hair fall.
To make the roots of hair strong, foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, sulphur and zinc must be consumed, which are found in whole grains, soybeans, buttermilk, nuts and milk.
So, by these foods we can maintain a healthy hair and can beat out hair loose

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