Easy ways to make immunity drink

immunity drink

How to make immunity drink at home?


Easy ways to make immunity drink is shown here. Here is the preparation and ingredients to boost immunity. Do follow this to stay healthy.


Ingredients for immunity drink:


One cup of almond milk, one teaspoon of turmeric, one teaspoon of ginger, three teaspoons of almonds, one pinch of nut meg powder, one pinch of cinnamon powder, one teaspoon of pepper powder, one teaspoon of ginger powder.


Preparation for immunity drink:


Almond lentils should be thinly sliced, then add the finely chopped almond lentils once the rest of the ingredients are well blended. Experts say it is even better if it is mixed with Banana Avocado Muse. Immunity Drink is very healthy and also very tasty so make it one time and increase your immunity level.

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