Few tips for good and quick sleep

sleeping tips  Few tips for good and quick sleep sleeping tips

This is a bad situation. With Lock-down, heat, scare and many other things one cannot fall a sleep. People had many things to do. Their works had stopped in middle and many other tasks had left and couldn’t able to sleep properly. Don’t worry one can fall a sleep easily by following these tips.


  1. First don’t look at the clock and calendar.
  2. lower the room temperature  in order to keep room to cool down.
  3. Follow the best breathing method. i.e, 4-7-8 method is  good for a better sleep.
  4. Experience both day light as well as darkness.
  5. calm up your mind through yoga, meditation.
  6. Listen to the relaxing music. That helps to reduce stress and calms mind.
  7. Turn of electronics like mobile phone, laptop or computer etc..
  8. Better take soothing beverages than caffeine.

one can fall a good sleep just by following these tips and can feel relaxed without any tension or unhappy. so, follow these tips for good, quick sleep.

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