Health benefits of citral (Dabbakaya)

benefits of dabbakaya  Health benefits of citral (Dabbakaya) health benefits of citral

Benefits of citral:


dabbakaya  Health benefits of citral (Dabbakaya) dabbakaya

  1. C Vitamin, Calcium, Iron Beta Carotene Magnesium Selenium Vitamin B6 is rich in nutrients are in Citral.
  2.  In addition to boosting immunity, viruses can also help fight off viruses, such as bacteria.
  3. Citral juice works as a good tonic for the heart.
  4. citral fruit helps to control Blood pressure.
  5. Eaten citral  fruit can increase digestion.
  6. Drinking the juice with jaggery will reduce the heat of summer.
  7. Cough, cold and asthma can be control.

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