Healthy Life style tips for Adults



Healthy Life style tips for Adults:

Even adults should be healthy rather than children itself. Every one should be hygienic and also healthy and fit. One can become healthy with proper diet and nutrition. Here are  the few Healthy Life style tips for Adults..


  1.  Eat variety of foods. Each food item has different components as well as nutrients.
  2.  Follow your diet with plenty of foods rich in carbohydrates. Foods, like whole bread wheat, pasta, oatmeal and cereals contains fiber.
  3.   Eat fish twice to thrice a day. That turns saturated with unsaturated fat. 
  4.  Take lots of fruits and veggies. Taking these helps in enough fiber, vitamins as well as minerals in the body.
  5. Reduce sugar and salt intake. So, that risk of cardio vascular diseases decreases.  
  6. Don’t over eat any meals.

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  1.  Take plenty of fluids including fruit juices, plain or flavored water, milk, soft drinks.
  2. Maintain a healthy body weight.
  3. Use stairs rather than elevator.
  4.  Take a walk after your meal everyday.

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