History and benefits of meditation


Who doesn’t want to healthy?? But the only question raises is how??

Being healthy is not only about healthy body but also includes good psychological and spiritual state.

So how can we maintain proper mental health???

1) meditation
2) pranayama
                      These are the two important things that we mentioned in maharshipatanjali in his yogasutras.
Here comes the question regarding the process of doing them, but if we recollect the word called STRESS is that popular in olden days as of now the reason behind is healthy and happy lifestyle followed by our ancestors without any doubt.
patanjali yoga
Coming to the process of meditation is something that you travel to your self leaving all the worries behind to achieve a peace of mind.
1. Sit in any comfortable position, in your comfortable dress.
2. Just inhale the fresh air around you
3. Maintain it for a while
4. Release it all gradually

Which is mentioned in ancient science as

It really helps in attaining proper mental health as the oxygen reaches to the every single cell making the blood to be more oxygenated and there by decreasing many of our illnesses and helps us to create better life.
Dr. SWETHA AKONDI (b.a.m.s)

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