How to make Instant Rava utappam at home?

rava utappam

How to make Instant Rava utappam at home?

Are you fed up with regular breakfast? bored of rava upma and idli? Then surely need to try this. Rava utappam is a rare breakfast. We may cook rava upma or utappam but together Rava utappam is a tasty and rare. This can be prepared instantly in less time. rava upma is very delicious and very easy to cook with few ingridients. now let’s see How to make Instant Rava utappam at home?

Ingredients for Instant Rava utappam

rava 1 cup

curd 1 cup



cooking soda


chopped onions

green chili

BISI BELEĀ  powder

coriander leaves


Instant Rava utappam preparation:

Take a bowl and put 1 cup of rava and add 1 cup of curd. If water is required add some water and mix it well. Now add salt and cooking soda. mix it well and leave it for 30 minutes. Mix it just like idili batter consistency. Heat the pan and add oil. Now spread the batter. Add chopped onions, green chili, BISI BELEĀ  powder and coriander leaves. Flip it when it turns to golden brown color. Now make it just like the front side. Now it’s ready to serve.



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