How to make spicy, crispy vegetable nuggets at home

veg nuggets

How to make spicy, crispy vegetable nuggets at home?

crispy, spicy nuggets can be prepared easily at home. One can do at home and eat well. Here is the process of this spicy, crispy vegetable nuggets.


Ingredients for  spicy, crispy vegetable nuggets at home:


green peas



chili flakes

black pepper

garlic powder


chat masala

bread crumbs



preparation for  spicy, crispy vegetable nuggets :


Take a bowl and grate boiled potatoes. Now add green peas, capsicum, carrot, chili flakes, black pepper, garlic powder, salt, chat masala and bread crumbs. Mix them well. make it into balls.  Now take a bowl and add flour and make it into fine paste and dip the balls and take it and again dip it in bread crumbs. Take a pan and add oil.  heat the oil and deep fry them. Now you can serve with tomato sauce or any other.





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