How to prepare ugadi pachadi

How to prepare ugadi pachadi?

On the occasion of Ugadi people prepare Ugadi pachadi at home. One can make pachadi simply and fulfillĀ  the festival vibes.





Ingredients to prepare Ugadi pachadi:


Raw mango pieces

neem pearls





channa dal

chilli powder

sliced green chilli

sugar cane




Preparation for ugadi pacchadi:


First take a bowl and add tamarind and add jaggery. Now add mango pieces and sugarcane. Add channa dal which is roasted and add chilli powder and chopped green chillies and then salt , turmeric powder. We can also add coconut and then neem pearls. Can use smashed bananas. Now mix it well from top to bottom. Enjoy the festival with a bowl of ugadi pacchadi


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