Interview with Business magnet praveen kumar


business interview

  1.    Hello sir. how are you?

Hello Sir i am good. what you you sir?


2. i am good. may i know your good name please ?

okay sir. This is Praveen Kumar Ommi


3. nice name sir. What do you do sir?

Thank you sir.  I do business sir


4. oh great!  May i know your company ?

ya sir, my company name is Adnectics.


5.  what is your profession in that company ?

I am a Chief technical officer sir


6. That sounds great. May i know the location of your company?

it’s in visakhapatnam


7.  How many years had gone completed?

it is about three and half years


8. What did you do previously?

I was a web designer UI/UX designer


9. Are you comfortable in sharing personal information?

Yes sir, obviously  i will share very comfortably.


10. what is your spouse name?

Her name is roosi


11. okay. Do you have children?

ya one. prayashi is the name


12. Do you have any animals at your home?

ya we have fish aquarium.


13. well. what about hobbies?

I like playing chess


14. What are your other interests ?

I love long drives with my family.


15. Where do you live ?

I live in  Vizag.


16. How long have you been in vizag ?

From my childhood


17.What is your desire ?

I would like to have a 50 seater company


18.  Tell me something that no one knows about you ?

I am a bathroom singer.


19. Ok well.what is the key to your success ?

Hardworking, dedication, and  my team.


20. May i know your accomplishments ?



21.  Do you have any networks ?

I have both political as well as GVMC networks.


Okay  thank you for spending your valuable time with us. Nice to meet you Mr. Praveen kumar.

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