Natural remedies for pimples

Natural remedies for pimples pimples

Natural remedies for pimples:

It is easy to get rid of pimples in these ways. With these natural home remedies it helps to cure, stops irritation, eliminate pimple and kills bacteria and what not. Here are the natural remedies for pimples.


Lemon Juice:


Putting Lemon Juice on My Face Helped Clear Up My Acne - Using Lemon Juice  for Acne  Natural remedies for pimples lemon juice royalty free image 510180395 1531432390


It is one of the best remedy. It causes the pimple to shrink. so, with the lemon juice you can easily shrink pimples.




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Garlic also helps to cure. It helps the pimple to heal faster.




Benefits of peppermint oil - Times of India  Natural remedies for pimples 8508923


It helps to eliminate pimple, kills bacteria and also helps in reducing irritation.


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