Now switch to these for better health as well as environment

Look around you once and then you can notice from small Pin to machine parts made up of plastic. we nearly produce and use 300 million tons of plastic every year. it is a fact that almost 9 to 10 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year and effect Marine ecology adversely.

we all know that plastics are synthetic Polymers of carbon and other elements with high molecular mass and polymers are long Chains of monomers these are malleable and can be converted into solid objects also. From boxes to carry bags and from utensils to electrical wires etc… are made up of plastic. we see plastic every where just because as plastic is light weight and resistance to corrosion also production cost is low and many other reasons.


plastic materials clog water in oceans, Seas, Lake etc… 90% of all sea mammals have plastic pieces in the stomachs. so just switch some plastic things to others. Here are some of things which are safe and harmless.


  1. Wooden combs:

wooden combs are harmless. They gives a good massaging effect. Also distributes natural oil and add shine. Wooden comb stimulates hair growth also. It also helps with dandruff and kinder on scalp and hair. so, switch from plastic comb to wooden comb.


2. Bamboo tooth brush: 


It is really safe to burn and it is biodegradable. It also has health benefits. Also safe and harmless. so, you can switch to Bamboo tooth brush from harmful plastic brush.


3. Copper Water Bottle:  


Copper material is really good for health. It has many benefits like supports the thyroid, stimulates brain, support weight loss, build immune system, improves skin and hair health. so, you can switch to copper bottle which helps to be healthy.








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