one of the beautiful place in vizag- RK Beach

beach road

Rk beach is one of the beautiful place to visit in Vizag. Rama Krishna beach popularly called as R.k. beach. It is about 4 km away from Vizag railway station. it is one of the popular beach. As there are many beach spots R.K. Beach is popular and well-known. Rama krishna mission Ashram across the Beach road made the name of the beach as Rama Krishna Beach.




It is jointly developed by both MCV and VUDA. It also had a submarine. That museum preserves the kalavari class submarine. The beach had constructed in 1971 war as a homage to the soldiers.




It offers various kinds of activities like sun bathing, beach volleyball and water surfing.



The annual festival vizag which is popular i.e. Visakha Utsav gives lots of importance to R.K.Beach.

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