Rajamatha Ramya Krishna just like Jaya Lalitha in “Queen”.

queen ramya

queen ramya

Rajamatha Shivagami succeeded with the great big hit movie Bahubali . Bahubali is the sensational big hit under the direction of Rajamouli. Prabhas, Rana, Thamanna, Anushaka and few other characters played a very prominent role.

Ramya krishna’s portrayal of Jayalalitha in the web series ‘Queen’ is winning loads of critical acclaim for the actress. It is certainly one of the most memorable roles for the actress post the success of Baahubali as Shivagami, the Rajamatha.

Fan’s are eagerly waiting for ‘Queen’. Ramya is looking like Jaya lalitha, looks-wise. Her looks are just like Jaya Lalitha. There is no doubt about the range of performance because it will just rock. We know about her performance range as an actress. Fan’s are wishing in before hand to reach success.

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