Reasons behind Normal Labor becoming rare to listen.


Now-a-days the term NORMAL LABOR is becoming very rare to listen as most of the pregnant ladies ends up in Cesarean section.

The reason behind the drastic increase of C-SECTION are :

1.improper lifestyle of the pregnant women.
2.stress they are facing.
3.The dietary habits of the pregnant women.

Then what is the solution behind delivering the child through normal labor is being mentioned in “SRI LALITHA STOTRA NAMAM” and our great INDIAN science AYURVEDA. In detail if we see both of these grandhas
They speak about the way of leading a healthy gestation.

normal labor
normal labor

Where one of the important book for Hindus “SRI LALITHA STOTRA NAMAM” speaks that child is being protected through out 9 months by the Devi herself in different forms, provided the pregnant women prepares various kinds of prasad’s and with all her mind chanting the hymns of sahastranamam eats that prasad’s by offering devi.
The way of preparing those prasadams can be taken from ancient upanishads.
Our great acharyas charaka, susrutha and vangbata acharyas also mentioned the total care that has to be taken right from the day one of the pregnancy until the day of delivery and after care of both mother and the baby.
Hence the modern mom’s in order to end up in healthy and happy pregnancy has to know about these beautiful things mentioned by our aacharyas.
” Lokha samastha sukhino bhavanthu”

Dr. SWETHA AKONDI(b.a.m.s)


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