How to prepare yummy potato wedges at home?

four (large-sized) potatoes.
Vertically-cut (washed and peeled)
Maida , crushed black pepper, red chili flakes, mixed herbs, Salt.

place a bowl of water on the stove. Add 1 tsp salt. Add vertically cut potatoes and stir as well. Let them boil for few minutes. After boiling remove the pan from the stove and strain the water. Take those potato slices into the bowl and add 1 tsp salt (to taste). Add 1/2 tsp crushed black pepper and 1.5 tbsp mixed herbs. 1/2 tbsp roasted red chili flakes. 1/4 cup maida. Then cover with a lid and toss the ingredients well. Then store the potato wedges in freezer for 2 to 3 hours. Now they are ready to fry. Put a pan of oil and make it heat. Then gently slide the wedges into the oil. Flip them and fry until they turn to golden brown color. Now place them on absorbent paper. Yummy wedges are ready to eat.

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