Review and Rating of Raj Tharun’s Iddari Lokam okkate.

raj tharunn

raj tharun

                                 Raj Tharun, Shalini Pandey hero and heroine of Iddari Lokam Okkate. Under the direction of G R Krishna and produced by Dil Raju. Music director Mickey J Meyar and Cinematography SameerReddy, Editor Thammi Raju.

The biggest minus point of the film is the story line which does not have any novelty. There are many films in Hindi and English which have such a concept. Apart from this, the biggest culprit of the film is the pace.  The lead pair do not even have much interaction during the first 20 minutes as childhood scenes keep coming in time and again and spoil the mood of the viewers.  There is no entertainment or good romance in the proceedings and this is where the film goes down terribly. The makers should have highlighted the hero’s health scare more in the first half .

rating: 2.2/5

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