Samarpayaami saampradaaya pongal celebrations begin and poster is out with events.

samarpayi poster release

samarpayi poster release

During this age of technology people are forgetting about ethics and traditional values. people are treating them as a no use. But they are important as well as part of our life. One should respect one’s beliefs and values. When an individual  respect and follows their values then that person is complete. To introduce our ancient culture, ethics and values on the presence of samarpayami  pongal celebrations are going to be held on january 11th and 12th. They are many events which are goig to be the part of this celebrations. Bhogi mantalu, bhogi pallu, haridasulu, gobbemmalu, puli veshalu also speech from Dr. Anantha Lakshmi madam. Also from the  Simahachalam Devastanam commity is celebrating sri goda ranganadha swamy kalyanam.

samarpayi pongal events list
                                                                              samarpayaami pongal events list

venue: AU Engineering grounds, Maddilapalem gate

Entry: free, everyone are invited

For participation in Rangoli competition for women, ethnic fancy dress competition for kids please contact

phone: 7036593129

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