Simple and Easy ways to decorate on Diwali

Simple and Easy ways to decorate on Diwali:


Diwali is one of the most important festival for Hindus. on this day all the family members celebrate with sweets, crackers and many more. when coming to the lightning we lit oil lamps from Pooja room two staircase. Other than oil lamps we can also use scented candles, water diyas and many more. Here are the few unique ideas to make your Diwali more wonderful.

scented candles:

we know that fragrance oils are blended with candle wax that has been melted to 125 degrees to 160 degrees this fragrance oil becomes integrated as a part of wax and there are different varieties of scented candles. You can choose best on your favorite fragment. it smells good at home. when we lit them he Aroma from those are really good so you can choose them.

water diyas:

you can also try water diyas for this Diwali. They really look beautiful you can add some pearls, colours flowers or anything. simply you can make your own water diyas at your home. All you need is glass, oil, thread, flowers or pearls.

firstly you should take a glass and add some water and then you just fill all the water with some colour or a some flower Petals. now take a small plastic cover and make a hole at the center. insert a thread inside the bottom then finally lit it and it will be really beautiful.

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