Simple, Tasty Masala pasta recipe at home

How to make Simple, Tasty Masala pasta recipe at home?


I know that many people like pasta and you can prepare your own pasta at your home in Indian style flavor  delicious masala pasta. when you make it once then you may repeat it many times as you are addicted to that taste. This is really simple and quick. This pasta can make in 25 minutes. kids and friends can pack even in lunch box or entire family can have a quick dinner.

whenever you make it will be really delicious and spices and Herbs used in Indian cooking will be definitely tastes great. Pasta sandwiches noodles and burger make your kids happy. You can make it at any time for your kids. This is really simple process and as well as tasty. One can prepare in 25 minutes and really everyone loves it.


Ingredients for masala pasta :

Penne pasta




chopped vegetables


kasuri Methi

masala powder

red chilli powder

coriander leaves




Preparation for masala pasta :


Bring 6 cups of water to boil in a large pot and water begins to boil. Now add some salt as well as pasta. cook pasta on a medium flame and it should be soft. Now drain all the water and remove the pasta and take it into the bowl. Now heat oil in a pan add cumin. when it comes  to sizzle add some garlic. Fry it for 2 minutes.

Now add onions and fry until turns to Golden. You can add chopped vegetables like carrot or any other of your own choice. You can also add peas. Now add mashed tomatoes  along with salt fry until the tomatoes cooked.  Now add kasuri Methi, masala powder and red chilli powder. Finally add cooked pasta. Toss well and add coriander leaves mix well and add salt add more if needed

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