Simple, tasty vegetable sandwich recipe

How to make Simple, tasty vegetable sandwich recipe at home?

vegetable sandwich is really easy recipe which we can prepare and can take in lunch box. This recipe is really simple and tasty. You can add flavor which you like. You can also add your favorite vegetables in the sandwich. so have a look at this recipe and prepare at your home. You can also serve immediately or in lunch box. You can prepare this sandwich in 20 minutes. You can also add slice mushroom, eggplant and even zucchini. You can customize as per your preferences.


Ingredients to prepare veg sandwich:


4 bread slices

2 tablespoon oil





1 tablespoon crushed paper

half tbsp Mixed Herbs


tomato sauce

green chutney

Mozzarella or oil



preparation for veg sandwich :


Firstly in a pan heat boil and fry onions then add carrot and capsicum fry for a minute. Then add all the other veggies. Now add pepper, Mixed Herbs and salt give a good mix. Now spread tomato sauce and green chutney. on the other and the veggies stuff uniformly on a bread slice.  Now add grated cheese over the stuffing cover with the others halves of the bread and grill or toast. spread butter on both outer sides of bread to make sandwich more crispy and Golden. Now take it and finally grill it or toast well until cheese melts and turns golden brown. Now cut the bread into half and serve finally immediately or  for lunch box.

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