Spicy Aloo chana chat recipe

aloo chana chat


Kale chana/black chic peas (boiled) 3 cups
2-3( medium-sized) potatoes (boiled, peeled and cooled)
2 qty (medium-sized) chopped tomatoes
Red chili powder
Bhuna jeera
Chat masala
Lemon juice
Red chili chutney
Sweet chutney
Chopped chilies
Green coriander


Take a bowl and add Kale chana /black chic peas (boiled) 3 cups, 2-3( medium-sized) potatoes (boiled, peeled and cooled),
2 qty (medium-sized) chopped tomatoes. Mix it well. Then add Salt (to taste). Then add
Red chili powder, Bhuna jeera, Chat masala
Lemon juice, Red chili chutney,Sweet chutney,Chopped chilies and Green coriander. Then mix well. Finally garnish with chopped cucumber, onion and coriander. Ready to serve. spicy aloo chana is prepared.


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