Spicy potato sandwich recipe


How to make Spicy potato sandwich at home?

Spicy potato sandwich is the easiest breakfast as well as an easy snack. so, one can easily make this Spicy potato sandwich  recipe at home with these steps.

Ingredients for Spicy potato sandwich :

sandwich bread
mashed potatoes
green chutney
coriander leaves
garam masala
chat  masala
chilli powder

preparation for Spicy potato sandwich:

Take a bowl add mashed potatoes, onion, coriander leaves, garam masala, red chilly powder,Chat masala, salt and mix this well. Take a bread slice spread the green chutney ,on this spread grated cheese.Now take another bread slice spread the potato mixture now cover this potato bread with another slice of bread, to which both chutney and cheese has been applied. Put this on a tawa or grill the sandwich till browned from both sides.spicy potato sandwich is ready to eat.

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