Street style Delicious samosa chat recipe at home.

how to prepare samosa chat at home


Soaked and boiled white peas 1 cup

chopped tomatoes

chopped onions

chopped green chilies

chopped cilantro


cooking oil

cumin powder

coriander powder

red chili powder

sweet curd

green chutney

sweet and sour chutney




Heat the pan and add oil. Add  chopped green chilies, chopped onions. saute it well. Add salt and cumin powder and coriander powder, chili powder. Now add water and let it simmer. add one samosa and break it into pieces.  Now mix it well. Take a bowl and add onions, green chutney, sweet and sour chutney, sweet curd, sev, chopped cilantro,coriander and mix it well. now fully prepared. Try this recipe to taste.

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