Sudigali Sudheer’s software sudheer complete review

software sudheer

Software sudheer updates are right here.  Chandu (Sudheer) and Swati (Dhanya Balakrishna) are software engineers who fall in love. But what happens when Swati finds out she poses a life threat to Chandu’s life. story revolves around the love between them and astrology is something which make them to move in different directions.
Chandu and Swati get engaged but when the couple visit an astrologer, they’re told he poses a life-threat because of her astrology. What is the conspiracy behind the astrology and what it has to do with a political scam is something the film aims to explore. This is how everything goes in the film.

comedians to try and turn into heroes in Tollywood. It has also become the norm to see such attempts backfire badly and Software Sudheer is no different. The film falls under the same age-old drama with some forced comedy.

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