Tasty,sweet Pongal recipe at home

sweet pongal

How to make Tasty,sweet Pongal recipe at home?

Now a days the traditional recipes are loosing their paths. Latest trend are unaware of these recipes but who don’t like the Tasty,sweet Pongal recipe. Almost every one likes it.

Ingredients for Tasty,sweet Pongal recipe at home


moong dal



coconut pieces


cashew nuts

cardamom powder

edible camphor

pepper powder



preparation for Tasty,sweet Pongal recipe

Take a pan and add a half a cup of rice and moong dal and later add milk and close it with the lid. saute some fried almonds, cashew nuts and add jaggery, coconut pieces and also cardamom powder. Now add edible camphor and pepper powder, saffron and butter and mix it well. Now it’s ready to serve.



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