Tej decided to cut down weight in his next films….

saidharmtej and rasikhanna

Sai Dharm Tej is currently on screen with Prathi roju pandage. At from begging this actor is good,┬ásmart looking. This supreme hero won many hearts. Also he maintains mega family prestige and greatness. Now fans are talking about tej’s weight.

He took this positively and decided to cut down weight in his next films. He is currently working on his looks and Sai Tej is expected to stun in a new look next year. The actor is currently strict on his diet and fitness. He is expecting to return back fit in the next six months.It is hard to dance in this film. Before when he is slim he used to dance easily. so, he starts in working to put down his weight. His next film Solo Bathuke So Better is currently under shoot and will hit the screens next year. Subbu is the director and Nabha Natesh is the leading lady. BVSN Prasad is bankrolling this project.

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