Telugu top hero sudden decision in wedding postpone.

raj tharunn

raj tharun

Recently tollywood hero’s change there mind. In past some of the hero’s said that they are going to marry in 2020. But due to career up’s and downs they had decided to postpone their wedding. As they are busy with movies.

raj tarun
raj tarun

Raj Tharun has been through a low phase in his career and the recent controversy has dented into whatever image he had. Now, the guy needs to concentrate on his films and hence, that seems to be the reason that he would be marrying in 2022 not in 2020 as he said earlier.
Raj Tharun Iddari Lokam Okate Trailer released. Raj Tharun, Shalini Pandey are leading actors. Movie directed by G.R krishna. This movie will be releasing on 25th December. For the hero Raj Tharun actors are wishing him in twitter for success. Super Star Mahesh Babu and many other stars had tweets in twitter for good luck.

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