Unknown facts about panchabhutas and Ayurveda



Do you aware that our beautiful way of living is Ayurveda?What does it says about our diet is that it should contain all the shad rasas (6 tastes) everyday.

Because Aacharyas say that each rasa is comprised of PANCHMAHABHUTHA’s( major elements)
1)Sweet is comprised of prithvi+ jala
2) sour is of Fire + prithvi
3) salt is of water + fire
4) Bitter is of akasa + air
5) pungent is of fire + air
6) Astringent is of prithvi + air
As Ayurveda says that the whole body is made up of these five major elements (panchamahabhutha’s) our food should also comprised of them.
food taste
•sweet is the tastiest one among the 6, which refreshes senses, brings delight to our body. 
• sour taste cleans up the mouth.
•salty taste improves the function of salivary glands to secrete saliva. 
• Bitter taste prevents worm infestation, cleans oral cavity. 
• Pungent taste and astringent improves the digestive fire 
So everyday meal should consists of these 6 tastes for wholesome digestion and absorption.

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