Upasana Konidela customized surprise gift to Ram Charan.


Every where it’s a festival mood. Each and every place it’s showering festive vibes. It’s festive season of Christmas and celebrations are in galore across the globe. From kid to adult and common to celebrity. It’s  just rocking than usual. The Celebrities  across the India are sharing the pics from their celebrations on their social networking pages for their fans.  fans are loving every bit of it.

charan tej


Mega Power Star Ram Charan also celebrated Christmas together along with his family members and these pictures are now going viral on social media. Ram Charan and his wife Upasana celebrated the Christmas festival and also celebrated the first birthday of Sreeja and Kalyaan Dhev’ daughter Navishka. Charan is wishing Navishka and send greetings from mavayya and attha he said. Upasan gifted him customized foot wear to her husband Ram Charan Tej.

charan and upasana


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