Benefits of e-term Insurance policy

LIC policy benefits

Here are the LIC E-TERM INSURANCE policy benefits and see this and know about  LIC E-TERM INSURANCE policy benefits.


PLAN TYPE : This policy type is about the pure term plan.

ENTRY AGE: To acquire this LIC e-term insurance policy one must have 18-60 years of age. Only person with this age is suitable for this LIC e-term insurance policy. Maximum maturity age  is 75 years.

POLICY TERM: LIC e-term insurance policy term varies from 10 to 35 years.

MINIMUM PREMIUM/ PURCHASE PRICE: This premium is about Rs.4600/-


MEDICAL EXAMINATION: Here for this LIC e-term insurance  policy  medical examination is required.

STATUS: LIC Jeevan Akshay policy  is active.


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