Easy tips for Smooth and Glowing skin

Easy tips for Smooth and Glowing skin:


we being a woman always wants to look beautiful and try for smooth and glowing skin. Even though we put lot of effort we fails to get smooth and glowing skin. sometimes causes like lack of sleep , stress also can draw your complexion of its radiance. Not just transform your skin with glowing and smooth skin. So here are the few tips to follow. It helps for brightening skin care. You can also use some natural products and powders for better skin. It helps you a lot for glowing and smooth skin.

Rose petal powder:

Rose petal powder helps in moisturizing the skin and also supple soft skin  and body fragrance. Roses are used from the ancient days for its fragrance, beauty and medical values. The queen of flowers helps us for the beauty routine. it has antioxidant property.  it acts as a natural cleanser, natural coolant, prevent aging and wrinkles, discard dark circles even skin tones improves complexion.


How to use rose petal powder for skin:




rose petal powder half cup

corn starch have cup

rice flour half cup

Essential oil 8 to 10 drops


Chinese Red Rose Petals for Bath Dried Rose Flower Petals - China Rose Tea,  Tea


How to use ?


Mix all the three ingredients and add Essential oil drops and blend them. store it in the air tight container use like any other body powder. You can use regularly it is also safe to use them on a daily basis.


 Rose powder and milk :

Take Rose powder with milk  and mix until it turns to the paste. Then apply  this mixture and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it with cold water. it helps to close the pores of the skin also fight helps in acne as well as wrinkles. it protects your skin from damage and gives Radiant to your skin.



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