Health benefits with flowers

Health benefits with flowers benefits of flowers

We generally concentrate on food items like vegetables, fruits, fruit juices, cereals, milk and milk products, dal, spices, nuts, dry fruits, grains and many other. But, flowers also helps in good health. some flowers helps in many health benefits. Here is about the flowers.


Health benefits with flowers:


Neem flower:


neem-flower  Health benefits with flowers neem flower


Neem flowers helps in illness. It make person healthy. Even skin diseases gone through with this Neem flowers. So, taking of these Neem flowers helps just like medicine.


Banana flower:

banana-flower  Health benefits with flowers banana flower


some people prepare curry with this Banana flower. It is very good for health. Taking Banana flower juice along with curd that helps in control of loose motions.

Mango Flower:


mango-flower  Health benefits with flowers mango flower


Mango flower is also good for health. Blend the Mango flowers properly and mixing with coconut oil and by consuming helps in proper urination.


Rose Flower:


rose-flower  Health benefits with flowers rose flower

Applying Rose petals juice on top of the eye as well as under the eye result in removal of darkness. Also Eye diseases can be controlled.

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