Hotel style tasty masala dosa recipe

masala dosa

How to make hotel style masala dosa recipe at home?

Masala dosa is a mouth watering recipe. Now easily we can make masala dosa at home just like in the hotel style.

Ingredients for Masala dosa recipe:

dosa batter

red chutney


bengal gram

black gram

mustard seeds

cumin seeds


green chillies

curry leaves

turmeric powder

ginger garlic paste


coriander leaves


preparation for Masla dosa

First let us prepare potato curry. Take a pan and add oil now take bengal gram, black gram, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, . onions. Let them fry for few minutes and add chilies and curry leaves. Add turmeric powder and ginger garlic paste and salt. finally add boiled potato pieces and coriander leaves. Now take a pan and from dosa batter spread batter well for dosa. Now add red chutney and spread well. Take that curry and spread well. Now fold from both the sides. Serve it with your favorite chutney or sambar.


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