Quick and tasty Aam panna recipe

aam panna  Quick and tasty Aam panna recipe aam panna recipe

How to make quick and tasty Aam panna at home?

Aam Panna gives a nice relief. It also keeps the body cool. Helps prevent dehydration. Also one can make this tasty Aam panna very quickly.


Ingredients for quick and tasty Aam panna:

Slices of mango
Cumin powder


Preparation for quick and tasty Aam panna:


Rinse the mangoes first. Then cut into small pieces. Now put the pan on the stove, add the slices, add some water and cook it in the cooker. Set it aside after cooking. Take a mixer jar and now add some sugar, salt  cumin powder to the mixture. Blend it well. Now to take mixer you can add five to six glasses of water. Put it in the fridge and drink it cold and garnish with mint.

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