Tasty chocolate Mousse recipe

chocolate mousse

How to make Tasty chocolate Mousse recipe at home?

chocolates are love. who don’t like chocolates? everyone likes it. Here is about chocolate recipe. See the recipe and have a try at your home and feel the Tasty chocolate Mousse recipe taste.


Ingredients for Tasty chocolate Mousse recipe:


semi sweet dark chocolate 200 grams

whipped cream


Preparation for Tasty chocolate Mousse recipe:


First take chocolate and cut it into pieces. Now take a boiling water and put this chocolate at the top of the water so that chocolate can melt. Now take whipped cream and again mix them well. Take another bowl and add whipped cream. This should be done properly now add that prepared chocolate and whip well. Finally you can serve like anyways or by putting in a cone shaped cover and can serve well.


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